Caralluma sinaica

Family Name: Asclepiadaceae


Habitat: Desert.

Description: Succulent, perennial , branched herbs. Stem erect , branched, 4-angled, glabrous . Leaves small caducous . Flowers single or few or many-flowered sessile lateral cymes or many-flowered inflorescence from the top of the stem. Calyx 5-partite, lobes ovate to linear-lanceolate, Corolla purple or yellowish with purple streaks, rotate or broadly campanulate , 5-lobed, valvate in bud. Corona double , attached to the staminal column; the outer corona of 5 deeply bifid segments; the innner corona of 5 linear segments incumbent on the anthers . Staminal column short, arising from the base of the corolla; anthers without appendages . Pollen mass 1 in each anther cell, with a pellucid margin . Follicles 9-11 cm long, narrowly fusiform , smooth .









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