Arnebia tinctoria



Habitat: Desert.

Description: Plants annual or perennial , bristly or pubescent . Roots frequently containing purple dye. Stems erect or prostrate . Leaves alternate. Cymes bracteate . Flowers often heterostylous. Calyx 5-parted to base , slightly enlarged, base sometimes hardened. Corolla funnelform , usually with hairs outside; tube straight or slightly curved ; throat unappendaged; limb usually shorter than tube; lobes spreading . Ovary 4-lobed. Style 2- or 4-branched, each branch terminated with 1 stigma. Gynobase flat. Long-styled flowers with included stamens inserted at middle of corolla tube; style long, slightly exserted. Short-styled flowers with stamens inserted at throat; style shorter, reaching to middle of corolla tube. Nutlets oblique-ovate, tuberculate , adaxially flat or slightly concave ; attachment scar at base.

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