About The Botanic Garden

       The botanic garden is established at the University of Jordan – Aqaba, as an educational facility to the newly established University of Jordan in Aqaba (2009-2010). The vision of such project borned from the full responsibility of the University administration and its scientists and researchers towards their students, visitors and the country as a whole. Moreover to fulfill their obligations towards the international commitments in the field of conservation of biodiversity locally and globally. The botanic garden – Aqaba will allow the students and other visitors from Aqaba and elsewhere to know about the Aqaba subtropical type of vegetation and to gain knowledge about the native plant species of Aqaba area.






The botanical garden will be serving students and researchers to using the available facilities including nurseries, laboratories, herbarium and other educational material through its living plant collections, its website:  http://bg-aqaba.ju.edu.jo , library, and other educational materials.


The botanic garden will be hopefully offering a scientific educational center and embracing plant collections from the native environment of Aqaba, with emphasis on trees like, Acacia, Hyphane, Balanites, Salvadora, phoenix and other trees, bushes like Retama raetam, Aloe vera, Cocculus pendulus and others; and herbs like Cleome africana, Capparis deciduas, Forsskaolea tenacissima, Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum  and others. However, other cosmopolitan plant collections will be also cultivated, with plants sharing similar characteristics of Aqaba type of Vegetation



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