1-                 Tissue culture unit: A well equipped tissue culture unit will be established, with all the structural and technical facilities, capable of propagating and cultivating plants at the botanic garden.


2-                  Herbarium

A herbarium for the local native plant species of Aqaba will be established. It will deposit specimens mainly for Aqaba plant species and Jordan.


3-                  Nurseries

For the classical methods of propagation of plant species, for the use of botanical garden.


4-                 Library: A library will be holding World-Wide plant documents and references, with emphasis on books, articles and other educational material in plant sciences as well as any related online data.


5-                  Coffee-Shop 

For the visitors of the botanic garden.


6-                 Information Visitors Center: at the entrance of the garden, that will be available for all visitors to the garden.


7-         Gift Shop


8-         Seed Bank




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