Botanic Garden-Overview
 The University of Jordan - Aqaba, botanic garden is offering a scientific, educationl center and embracing living plant collections from the native environment of Aqaba and other world-wide places, sharing similar environmental conditions as Aqaba.
It will allow the students of the University of Jordan - Aqaba and from other Institutes in Jordan and otherwise to have educational and scientific access. The botanical garden will allow the students and researchers, utilize available facilities including nurseries, laboratories for plant propagation and other ecological benifits, Also, it will provide educational knowledge about the subtropical trees, shrubs and herbs that are the characteristic of Aqaba area.

Mission and Objectives
• Conservation of native flora of Aqaba area and Jordan.
• Planting economic and medicinal wild native plant species or any other subtropical cultivated type of plant species.
• Fostering the knowledge of natural sciences, with regards to plant diversity for students and other visitors.
• Encouraging the scientific research, particularly in the field of propagation of plant species using advanced techniques like tissue culture.

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